Why Get a G-Shock Watch


There are many reasons for you to buy a G-Shock watch and the most important thing is its durability.

The main principle “Triple 10” concept (10 bar/100 m water resistant, 10-year battery life and the ability to resist to 10m drop) is applied in the G-Shock creating so this is a good reason to get one first time you have the chance.

A G-Shock is accurate and it’s built into an armor-plated carapace that makes it receive regular signals from atomic clocks all over the world. You are never late with a G-Shock. Ah, well, only every three million years when it’s supposed to get off by… one second.

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Act wise!

Some say it’s better to invest in a building, but G-Shock is always a good investment of your money. Once you get a $200 G-Shock, you can think of passing it on to your grand children, and the more you pay, the more generations will be able to own it 🙂

You can also try any sports when wearing a G-Shock since many models can take any dust, sand, or water particles. So, you can go on thin wire wearing a G-Shock since it won’t break if something happens to you 🙂

A G-Shock is also able to withstand a force of up to 15 G, so you can take it up in the sky, especially the Aviator models. It seems this watch is one of a kind and can take great pressure and impact just as well so… careful with your wine.

You didn’t think of that!

Some G-Shock models work great anytime you dive, you hike or you are on a tactical mission as they are able to tell you how fast, how high, how hot, how deep you go. Some G-Shock watches perform great as hiking watches, giving you accurate altitude and measuring air pressure. They can also indicate temperature from -10°C to 60°C, helping you with the ongoing survival procedures.

A G-Shock is also able to… look elegant in any domestic situation, from a casual occasion to a fancy dinner party.

Taking care of your G-Shock

It’s all clear by now that the G-Shock needs special care instructions since it’s so special.

The more you use a G-Shock, the more you need to clean it up so that no debris or dirt builds up in your watch. Casio advises you to seek professional cleaning for a G-Shock watch, but there are also minor things for you to do at home also.

Stay away from any soaps or detergents to take away the dullness of your G-Shock. Use only alcohol and plain water on soft cloths to clean your G-Shock. As tough as it is, a G-Shock might suffer from any abrasive materials (even paper towels!) that may scratch the surface. Get some help from Q-tips for cleaning between the nooks and crannies, leaving no cotton fibers behind.

One last piece of advice

No matter how tough or resistant your watch might be, the G-Shock is not indestructible. Store it in a jewelry box or simply tucked away until next time you plan to put it on. Casio takes some models out from the market and last thing you’d want is to see your favorite G-Shock disappear for good.