Travel Inspiration From Top Travel Bloggers

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At the start of 2014, I knew that enough was enough and it was time for me to make a few changes in my life, in an effort to be “deliberately happy”.

By now, you probably realise that one of these changes was to pack up and set off to travel the world and with planning comes research. Bearing in mind that I studied law and worked in politics, research is part of my make-up and although I would love to be more spontaneous, throwing caution to the wind and turning my back on Google (gasp), I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Too much research can be dull, repetitive or mind-numbingly laborious; but not travel research.  Each day I would, and still do, get lost amongst a complicated weave of travel blogs, guides and resources, top tips on Twitter, stunning photographs from around the world and the lives of others’ travels, providing me with more than enough travel inspiration.

Before I knew it, the majority of my days were spent scribbling down the hot spots in Chiang Mai, listing the recommended hostels in Hoi An or simply drooling over pictures of my personal paradise, captured by a host of international travel bloggers.

During the initial research stage I was very much still on the fence as to whether I would take the leap, pack in my job and head for Southeast Asia.  But then I stumbled upon a few articles from top travel bloggers that gave me that handy little nudge over the fence where I plopped down on the side of decision; where travelling the world emerged the victor.

I still revisit these articles time and time again as they remind me why I decided to travel and what might be in store for me in the coming months, and I would like to share them with you to enjoy too.

So here is my travel inspiration from top travel bloggers:

I have always wanted to travel the world but realistically I didn’t think it would be something that I could ever afford to do.  If there wasn’t debt to shift, or bills to pay then I would spend whatever little savings I had on two weeks of annual sunshine somewhere in Europe.

That Backpacker was one of the first travel blogs I stumbled upon, and I kept on stumbling for a good few days, reading Audrey’s travel tips.

When I read “The Luxuries of Travel in Southeast Asia”, I thought to myself for the first time, maybe this is something that I can do.  Maybe travelling the world isn’t just for those with thick wallets but for anyone, provided you choose your destination and lifestyle wisely.  And that was that; the beginning of my journey which now sees me 6 weeks away from boarding my flight to Bangkok, and beyond.

Oh, and I would be travelling with my very own Sam too, it had to be a sign!

OK, so it’s going to be Southeast Asia, I thought to myself.  If I put my mind to it, I can corner those rogue pennies at the bottom of my purse, pop them in a savings account and afford to travel in that region of the world.  It makes sense that the first stop would be Thailand considering that’s the travellers “Mecca” and is easily accessible.  But where should I head for when I get there… PAI!

Kristin’s article sealed the deal and I became fixated on making my way to the north of Thailand to seek out my very own slice of the majestic Pai.  If you read Kristin’s article, I think you will too!

Ryan’s travel blog is one of a kind and made for a refreshing read when I happened upon it.  What I love about Ryan’s blog is his unashamed honesty and his unique storytelling style which makes you feel like you are old friends having a deep and meaningful over a cup of coffee.

Ryan is also nicknamed the “G-Shock guy” for his passion for G-Shock watches. He has one for every need, and has a couple trusted one that he takes everywhere. He’s had these G-shocks for many years and are holding on strongly. I’ve gotten my own G-Shock recently, see my article on why to get one.

I think the best example is Ryan’s article “My Chaos Theory and How to Rebuild Your Life When Everything Seems Lost”.  He speaks openly about the challenges he has faced but more importantly, about the action he is taking to overcome them.

I’m sure this one inspired quite a few people to consider the chaos in their own lives and how they might tackle it; it certainly inspired me.

After my decision to travel was made, I began to consider the possible repercussions of quitting my job to travel the world, namely, the possibility of my skillset becoming redundant and the possibility of running out of money.

I am lucky in that I have always enjoyed my career working in Communications, PR and Digital Marketing, particularly the opportunity to be creative through developing campaigns, writing content and networking with others in the field.

Enter, Adventurous Kate.  After a thorough read, and a few re-reads of Kate’s article, “The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger” I thought to myself that starting a travel blog could be the right thing for me to do.  I blog for work, why not blog outside of work.

By no means does Kate make travel blogging appear an easy option, rather quite the opposite.  I really appreciate her honesty, as for many the act of blogging could actually detract from the travelling experience, becoming more of a hindrance than a passion.

However, for me, despite the negative aspects, I thought it was something that I could really enjoy doing whilst also keeping my skills up to date for any future opportunities.  Wee Wanders was born.

Having decided that I was going to put as much time and energy into Wee Wanders with the aim of it one day becoming a source of travel inspiration for others, I began searching for tips, advice and motivation.

I read an article on One Step 4ward, “5 Resolutions YOU Should Adopt if You’re Serious About Changing Your Life”.

Johnny provided practical, useful and inspirational advice and offered 5 steps to success that I plan on implementing in the coming months.  Having gone on to peruse the rest of Johnny’s site, his successes and ambitions are certainly something I would like to emulate…who knows, he might even become my inspiration buddy! There you have it, my travel inspiration.  I’d love to know who or what is YOUR travel inspiration?  Let me know below!